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Mann ki Baat 2023: 99 Episode Regarding ‘Nari Shakti’ Potential & Awareness of organ donation in the country

Mann KI Baat 2023:

mann ki baat 2023
mann ki baat 2023 (Source: Instagram & Pinterest)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking to the countrymen today about Mann Ki Baat.

PM Modi is addressing the 99th episode of Mann Ki Baat 2023 today.

PM Modi said that charity has been placed so high in our country that people do not hesitate to donate everything for the happiness of others.

That’s why we are told the stories of body donors like Shivi and Dadhichi since childhood.

In this era of modern Medical Science, Organ Donation has become a very important means of giving life to someone.

It is said that when a person donates his body after death, there is a possibility for 8 to 9 people to get a new life.

It is a matter of satisfaction that today awareness about Organ Donation is also increasing in the country.

In 2013, there were less than 5 thousand cases of Organ Donation in our country, but in 2022, this number increased to more than 15 thousand.

The people who have done Organ Donation, and their families have indeed done very virtuous work.

Mann KI Baat Highlights:

mann ki baat highlights
mann ki baat highlights (Source: Instagram & Pinterest)

Mann Ki Baat Highlights:

Sunday (March 26, 2023), Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech on the 99th episode of “Mann Ki Baat 2023.

” PM Modi is speaking on the monthly radio show for the third time this year.

Today at 11 AM, the 99th episode of “Mann Ki Baat 2023” aired. On October 3, 2014, the PM Modi radio program debuted in honor of Vijayadashami.

The program’s 98th edition is now complete, and on April 30 it will reach its 100th edition.

In his radio shows, PM Modi requested suggestions from the public for the 100th edition.

He stated that he is interested in hearing the public’s ideas and suggestions for the 100th episode.
In Delhi and Himmat Nagar, respectively, Union Minister Anurag Thakur and Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Mann Ki Baat.”

PM Modi claimed that women are playing a vital part in India’s potential as it emerges from a new perspective.

He cited Surekha Yadav as an example, who broke a record by being the first female loco pilot of the Vande Bharat Express train, in addition to being the first female loco pilot in Asia. Mann KI Baat Highlights are Women’s power is essential to the emergence of Indian power.

Two female lawmakers from Nagaland have now been elected to the Vidhan Sabha for the first time in 75 years thanks to their success.

A women-only platoon from India has been sent to support a UN peacekeeping deployment.

In every industry, women are displaying power.

In the 99th episode of Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Modi observed, “Now, India’s potential is emerging from a fresh perspective, and our women’s power has a very large role in it.

Mann Ki Baat by PM Modi “Mann ki Baat 2023” is a monthly address that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives on All India Radio on the last Sunday of each month.

The program will be broadcast on All India Radio, the complete Doordarshan network, the AIR News website, and the news on the air mobile app.

Also, it will be streamed live on the platforms of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, AIR News, DD News, PMO, and YouTube.

The show will thereafter be televised in regional languages by AIR after the Hindi transmission.

The PM discussed a wide range of subjects in the most recent show while also announcing the winners of the special “Unity Day” three competitions. Also, he spoke about a variety of subjects, such as the replacement of plastic bags and the return of the “Tribeni Kumbho Mohotshav” in Bansberia, West Bengal.

The 100th installment of Mann Ki Baat
On April 30, the radio program “Mann Ki Baat,” hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will have completed its 100th episode.

On March 15, All India Radio began a special campaign to highlight the program’s influence on India’s development.

In every bulletin and another program on the AIR Network, the necessary sound bites of the prime minister from each episode of “Mann ki Baat” will be played, according to an official statement.

It stated that the ad started airing on March 15 and would end on April 29, the day before the landmark 100th Episode.

The acclaimed show has now run for 98 editions since it debuted on the auspicious festival of Vijayadashami on October 3, 2014.

Several AIR stations carried out a campaign.

The campaign will present 100 issues that Prime Minister Modi has previously addressed in “Mann Ki Baat” episodes. Many AIR stations, including 42 Vividh Bharati stations, 25 FM Rainbow channels, four FM Gold channels, and 159 national main channels will broadcast the campaign.

It stated that the bytes would be broadcast in all key bulletins across all locations.

The program is also available on All India Radio’s YouTube channels and the “News On AIR” App.

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Mann Ki Baat Started On

mann ki baat started on
mann ki baat started on (Source: Instagram & Pinterest)

“Mann Ki Baat” is a radio program hosted by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in which he addresses the nation and discusses various issues.

The program started on October 3, 2014, and has since become a popular platform for the Prime Minister to communicate directly with the citizens of India.

The idea behind “Mann Ki Baat” was to create a space where the Prime Minister could directly connect with the people of India, understand their concerns and aspirations, and share his thoughts on various issues.

The program provides a platform for the Prime Minister to talk about important issues, share his vision for the country, and seek feedback from the citizens.

The first episode of “Mann Ki Baat” was broadcast on October 3, 2014, on All India Radio.

In this episode, the Prime Minister talked about the importance of cleanliness and urged the citizens of India to make a pledge to keep their surroundings clean.

He also spoke about the need to promote tourism in India and the importance of using Khadi, a fabric made from hand-spun cotton, to support the country’s rural economy.

Since then, “Mann Ki Baat” has become a regular feature of the Indian airwaves, with the Prime Minister hosting the program every month.

The program is broadcast in several languages, including Hindi, English, and regional languages, to ensure that it reaches a wider audience.

Over the years, “Mann Ki Baat 2023” has covered a wide range of topics, from social issues like female foeticide and drug abuse to environmental concerns like air pollution and climate change.

The program has also provided a platform for the Prime Minister to interact with citizens and listen to their stories and ideas.

One of the unique features of “Mann Ki Baat 2023” is the Prime Minister’s use of anecdotes and personal experiences to drive home his point.

He often uses these stories to illustrate the importance of a particular issue and inspire people to take action.

In conclusion, “Mann Ki Baat” has become an important platform for the Prime Minister of India to communicate with the citizens of India.

It provides a space for him to share his vision for the country and seek feedback from the people.

The program has become a popular feature of the Indian airwaves and continues to be a powerful tool for communication and engagement.

Mann Ki Baat Today YouTube

Mann Ki Baat Today YouTube Link is here.

Book Mann Ki Baat :

“Mann Ki Baat” is a radio program hosted by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

It is broadcasted on the last Sunday of every month and aims to connect with the citizens of India on various issues and initiatives.

‘Mann ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popular and ubiquitous monthly radio address has developed into a tour de force in itself.

The program that began on Vijaya Dashami in 2014 (3rd October) has gone on for more than fifty episodes and counting! Given its stupendous success, there has been considerable curiosity about the origins of ‘Book Mann ki Baat’, the idea behind it, and the mind of the man behind the inspiring voice that has been reaching millions every month.

These transcripts are also published in various newspapers and magazines across India.

Additionally, there are several books written about the program and its impact on Indian society and politics. Some of the notable ones include the”

These books analyze the themes and messages of the program and its impact on the Indian public.

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