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Jungkook Carhartt, Cocky, Songs & 10 Amazing Fun Facts

The renowned South Korean boy band BTS member Jungkook has been seen numerous times wearing Carhartt clothes.

American workwear company Carhartt is renowned for its tough clothing.

Jungkook Carhartt shirts, hats, and jackets have all been spotted on Videos; he frequently wears them with casual and street-style outfits.

His wardrobe choices garnered recognition and even encouraged followers to embrace the Carhartt aesthetic.

Jungkook Carhartt
Jungkook Carhartt (Source: Instagram)

The straightforward nature with which Jungkook embraced workwear in his fashion collection highlights his versatility and his capacity to try out various outfits.

Jungkook Biography/Wiki/Bio/Wikipedia

Jeon Jung-kook, popularly known by the name Jungkook, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and performer in the international sensation BTS.

On September 1, 1997, he was born in Busan, South Korea. Jungkook showed a love of singing and dancing at a young age.

He tried out for the talent competition Superstar K in 2011, however, he was not chosen.

But Big Hit Entertainment, an entertainment company, noticed his talent, and in 2012 he officially joined the agency as a trainee.

As the newest & youngest member of BTS, Jungkook made his debut in 2013 at the age of 15.

He has been an essential member of the group and has contributed to the music, choreography, and general artistic direction that have contributed to its success.

Jungkook rapidly distinguished himself as a standout member thanks to his strong voice, outstanding dancing moves, and engaging stage presence.

Jungkook has recorded solo songs during BTS’s career, including “Euphoria,” “Begin,” and “My Time,” which highlight his distinctive capacity and growth as a person.

Additionally, he actively contributed to the songwriting, co-writing, and co-production of the group’s songs.

Along with his musical endeavors, Jungkook is also known for his athletic prowess, particularly in sports like boxing and archery.

The influence of Jungkook goes beyond the stage as he has acquired a huge global fan base known as the “Jungkook stans” or “Jungkook bias.”

Jungkook Cocky

Jeon Jung-kook is a popular, energetic & young performer of the group BTS. As a performer, he is known for his skill, charm, and confidence.

Some fans may see him as confident or even “cocky” on stage, but it’s important to remember that this is a matter of opinion and can be different for each person.

In the entertainment industry, confidence is often seen as a good thing because it helps artists take control of the stage and connect with their audience. It’s important to remember that stage characters or performance styles can also affect how people see an artist.

At the end of the day, how people feel about Jungkook’s confidence is their own business, and it’s always important to talk about artists with respect and an open mind.

Jungkook Coachella

On April 15, 2023, Jungkook from BTS gave a performance at the Coachella music festival.

Coachella is a yearly arts and music event in Indio, California, with a broad roster of performers from different genres.

BTS has performed at numerous important music festivals all around the world, as well as on their own concert tours.

Jungkook Songs

YearTitleArtistType of Videos
2023BTS: Take Two (Live Version)BTSMusic Video
2022Jung Kook of BTS Feat. Fahad Al Kubaisi: DreamersJung KookMusic Video
2022Benny Blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg: Bad DecisionsJung Kook (voice)Music Video
2022Charlie Puth Feat. Jung Kook of BTS: Left and RightJung KookMusic Video
2022BTS: Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)BTSMusic Video
2022Jung Kook: Stay AliveJung KookMusic Video
2021Coldplay X BTS: My UniverseBTSMusic Video
2021SEOUL X BTS: EoGiYeongCha SeoulBTSMusic Video
2021BTS: Permission to DanceBTSMusic Video
2021BTS: Butter (Cooler Remix)BTSMusic Video
2021BTS: Butter (Hotter Remix)V, RM, BTS, SUGA, Jimin, Jin, j-hope, and JungkookMusic Video
2021BTS: ButterJung KookMusic Video
2021BTS: Film outBTSMusic Video
2021Cookie Run: KingdomJung Kook Cookie (voice, as Jung Kook)Video Game
2020BTS: Life Goes OnBTSMusic Video
2020Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) (BTS Remix)Jung KookVideo
2020BTS: DynamiteJung KookMusic Video
2020BTS: Stay GoldBTSMusic Video
2020Lauv Feat. BTS: WhoJung Kook (voice)Music Video
2020BTS: Black SwanBTSMusic Video
2020BTS: ON Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come PrimaBTSMusic Video
2020Jung Kook: My TimeJung KookMusic Video
2019BTS: LightsBTSMusic Video
2019BTS: Jamais VuJung KookMusic Video
2019BTS Feat. Halsey: Boy With LuvBTSMusic Video
2018Steve Aoki Feat. BTS: Waste It on MeJung Kook (voice)Music Video
2018BTS: Airplane pt.2BTSMusic Video
2018BTS Feat. Nicki Minaj: IDOLBTSMusic Video
2018BTS: EuphoriaJung KookMusic Video
2018BTS: IDOLBTSMusic Video
2018BTS: Fake LoveBTSMusic Video
2018BTS Feat. Steve Aoki: The Truth UntoldBTSMusic Video
2017BTS in BTS: MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)BTSMusic Video
2017BTS in BTS: DNABTSMusic Video
2017BTS in BTS: Not TodayBTSMusic Video
2017BTS: Spring DayBTSMusic Video
2016Jungkook in Jungkook: BeginJungkookMusic Video
2016BTS in BTS: Blood Sweat & TearsBTSMusic Video
2016RM & Jungkook: I KnowRM, JungkookMusic Video
2016BTS in BTS: Save MEBTSMusic Video
2016BTS in BTS: Epilogue: Young ForeverBTSMusic Video
2016BTS in BTS: FIREBTSMusic Video
2015BTS in BTS: RUNBTSMusic Video
2015BTS in BTS: DopeBTSMusic Video
2015BTS in BTS: I NEED UBTSMusic Video
2014BTS Feat. THANH: Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix)BTSMusic Video
2014BTS in BTS: War of HormoneBTSMusic Video
2014BTS in BTS: DangerBTSMusic Video
2014BTS in BTS: Just One DayBTSMusic Video
2014BTS in BTS: Boy in LuvBTSMusic Video
2013V, Jimin, j-hope, and Jungkook: BeautifulV, Jimin, j-hope, JungkookMusic Video
2013BTS in BTS: N.OBTSMusic Video
2013BTS in BTS: We Are Bulletproof Pt.2BTSMusic Video
2013BTS in BTS: No More DreamBTSMusic Video
2013Jimin, j-hope, and Jungkook: Graduation SongJimin, j-hope, JungkookMusic Video
(Jungkook Songs List Source: IMDB)

Amazing Fun Facts

  1. As a member of the well-known boy band BTS, Jungkook possesses an impressive set of skills and qualities. Along with his singing career, he also has a black belt in taekwondo and has developed a reputation as a brilliant cook because of his cooking talent.

2. He is a member of BTS’s “Maknae Line,” which is made up of the group’s youngest members, including V and Jimin.

3. Multilingual Jungkook speaks Korean and Japanese with ease and has a basic fluency in English.

4. He was a standout handball player before joining BTS.

 5. He ultimately decided to follow his passion for music nonetheless. He has a pronounced sniffling tendency as a result of his rhinitis.

6. Jungkook enjoys a variety of leisure activities, including guitar playing, photography, video editing, and drawing.

7. He dreamed of being a professional badminton player when he was younger. As the youngest member of BTS, his mother had a fantasy of gold before he was even born, which fits with his age and gives him the affectionate moniker “Golden Maknae.”

8. Charlie Puth is one of Jungkook’s favorite musicians, and the two of them eventually worked together on the duet “Left and Right.” Additionally, he admires Troye Sivan, Adam Levine, and Justin Bieber.

9. It’s interesting to note that Jungkook enjoys using rolled-up towels as pillows when he sleeps. He calls himself a night owl and frequently stays up until four in the morning.

10. A younger sister and an elder brother make up Jungkook’s family, who definitely encourage and motivate him while he travels.


Jungkook’s talent and dedication have gained him several honors and the respect of both fans and business leaders, and his sincere and down-to-earth demeanor has won him the hearts of many.

Despite his remarkable success, Jungkook maintains his modesty and determination to achieve greatness. He has become one of the most adored and significant personalities in the music industry today because of his expertise with BTS and his unique artistic development.


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